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Jiangsu Hauto NC Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014. A Independent Incorporated Company established by Shanghai Hauto automation equipment Co., Ltd.(Established in 2006). We are evaluated as a high-tech enterprise because of the technical support of Shanghai Hauto in the early days of its founding. Independent R&D and production of encoders for CNC machine tools, teach pendant for industrial robots (portable), intelligent production lines for the electronic processing industry, and large-scale 3D printing equipment. Has an efficient software development team.

The products of our company are mainly used in the fields of CNC equipment, Industrial robots, Electronic production lines, Sculpture, Creative, Entertainment industries and so on. The products of Hauto are at the leading level in China. The product Teach pendant is the key part of industrial robots. Our company is the first company to develop and produce the teach pendant in China. Our company's 3D printing technology belongs to a creative technology. It can be widely used in playground landscaping, indoor and outdoor decoration, art 3-D characters, sculpture and other fields.This technology has changed the production plan of the traditional cultural and entertainment landscape sculpture and indoor and outdoor decoration of the , to achieve personalized, efficient and rapid customization function.

Our company adopt independent research and development of intelligent production lines, and achieve the unmanned factory according to industrial 4.0 standards, We provide the products and services for our customers. Not only to optimize your needs, but also quickly and efficiently achieve the cost-effective, it improves the overall competitiveness of our enterprise to a large extent.
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